Sunday, December 28, 2014
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Pointe Shoes

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Bloch-"Sonata" Pointe Shoes
Bloch  S0130L
Leo's-Soft Pointe Gel Pads
Leo's  4L
Freed ''Studio-II'' Pointe Shoes
Freed of London  Freed Studio II
Bloch-"Signature" Pointe Shoes
Bloch  S0168
Capezio-Loose Lamb's Wool
Capezio  9140
Capezio "Glisse" Pointe Shoe
Capezio  102
Grishko- Pro 2007
Grishko  Grishko- Pro 2007
Grishko- Elite***Online Special****
Grishko  Grishko- Elite
Grishko- Maya I
Grishko  Grishko- Maya I
Bloch “Axis” Pointe Shoe
Bloch  S0190L
Capezio "Glissé" Pointe Shoe
Capezio  G102
Bloch “Balance European ** Online Special**
Bloch  ES0160L
Grishko- Proflex ***Online Special**
Grishko  Grishko- Proflex
Grishko- 2007- Color
Grishko  Grishko 2007- Colors
Capezio - "Plié II" Pointe Shoes
Capezio  197
Bloch-"Synergy" Full Shank-Pointe shoes
Bloch  S0100L
Capezio "Aria" Pointe Shoe
Capezio  121
Grishko- Fouette
Grishko  Grishko- Fouette
Grishko- Elite Pre-Point
Grishko  Grishko- Elite Pre-Point
Lambs Wool Toe Pads
Bunheads  BH-405
Grishko- Ulanova I
Grishko  Grishko- Ulanova I
Freeds "Classic" Pointe Shoes
Freed of London  Freeds "Classic" Pointe Shoes
Bloch-Aspiration Pointe Shoe
Bloch  S0105L
Freed " Studio" Pointe Shoe
Freed of London  Freed "Studio" Pointe Shoe
Grishko- Fouette Proflex
Grishko  Grishko- Fouette Proflex
Almaz Russian Pointe Shoe
Russian Pointe  Almaz
Bloch-"Seranade"-Pointe Shoes***Online Special****
Bloch  S0131
Bloch “Axiom” Pointe Shoe
Bloch  S0108
Grishko- 2007** Online Special****
Grishko  Grishko- 2007
Capezio - "TENDU II' Pointe Shoes
Capezio  199
Capezio "Contempora" Pointe Shoes
Capezio  176
7/8'' Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Capezio  A78
Bloch "Alpha" Pointe Shoe
Bloch  S0104L
Bloch “Serenade MKII” Pointe Shoe
Bloch  S2131L
Ultra Lite Toe Pads
Eurotard  990U
Bloch-"Suprima" Pointe Shoes***Online Special****
Bloch  S0132
Grishko- Ulanova II
Grishko  Grishko- Ulanova II
Grishko- Vaganova
Grishko  Grishko- Vaganova
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