Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Liturgical / Praise Dancing

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Unisex Long Sleeve Pullover
Body Wrapper  544
Embroidered Hallelujah Ephod
On Stage  MS-74789
Sheer Flutter Sleeve Tunic Overlay
On Stage  MS-74729
Boy's And Men Praise Pants
Body Wrapper  541 / 0541
Multi Panels Long Skirt
On Stage  OS-SKIRT#2A
Unisex Polyester Open Collar Peasant Style Top
Eurotard  Euro-13831
Foil Sash
Eurotard  14741
Shine Overdress
On Stage  MS-6532
Full Circle Chiffon Skirt
Body Wrapper  BW-538
Reflections Leotard
On Stage  OSL-901
Celebration Dress
On Stage  OSD-0231
Metallic Tunic Pullover
Body Wrapper  577
Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Dress
Angelo Luzio  592
Child -Angel Blouse
Eurotard  13730C
Double Layer 100% Chiffon Uneven Hem Skirt
Body Wrapper  539
Single Layer Handkerchief Skirt
Eurotard  E-39768
Sash - Adult
Eurotard  13733
Foil Sequin Sash
On Stage  MS-74795
Child Angel Sleeve Dance Dress
Eurotard  13729C
Adult Peplum Tunic
Eurotard  Euro-14824
Print Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730P
Liturgical Circle Skirt
Body Wrapper  501
Shrug Sleeve Overlay
On Stage  MS-79360
Adult And Child Palazzo Pants
On Stage  Euro-13696
Rhinestone Cross Applique Dress
On Stage  Euro-11022
Praise Dance Loose Fit Long Sleeve Dance Dress
Angelo Luzio  588
Adult Shawl Collar Blouse
Eurotard  13736
Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
Angelo Luzio  569
Adult Asymmetrical Top
Eurotard  Euro-13826
Multi-Wrap Reversible Skirt
Body Wrapper  561
Bell Sleeve Dress
On Stage  MS-71808
Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Body Wrapper  565
Matte Lycra Unitard Dance Dress
On Stage  OSU-0203
Unisex Pullover with Extra Long Sleeves
Body Wrapper  540 / 0540
Dance Dress
Body Wrapper  512
Multi Color Streamer Skirt
On Stage  Euro-39808
Knit Blouse
On Stage  MS-80448
Adult Two Toned Gored Skirt
Eurotard  13689
Double Handkerchief Skirt
Eurotard  39769
Cross Robe Worship Dancewear
Angelo Luzio  513
Meditation Leotard
On Stage  OSL-923
Child Long Sleeve Unitard
Eurotard  10529
Praise Robe
Angelo Luzio  575
Matte Lycra Palazzo Pant Sheer Glistenette Skirt
On Stage  OSB-2402
On Stage  MS-71664
Polyester Double Circle Pant/Skirt
On Stage  LP950 / OSB-117
Adult Princess Seam Handkerchief Dress
On Stage  Euro-13805
Double Layer Peplum Top
On Stage  Euro-13813
Full Cut Metallic Panel Skirt
On Stage  BT-9127
Praise Robe
Body Wrapper  575
Matte Finish Angel Sleeve Pullover
Body Wrapper  542
Double Ruffle Skirt
Eurotard  Euro-08803
Adult Dance Dress
Eurotard  13524
Embroidered Festival Tunic
On Stage  MS-74791
Bell Sleeve Dress
On Stage  Euro-13814
Long Skirt Multi-Colored
Body Wrapper  547
Unisex Polyester Pants
Eurotard  Euro-13843
Liturgical Ephod
Eurotard  15743
Full Pullover Vest
Angelo Luzio  587
Metallic Long Panel Skirt
Body Wrapper  576
Stretch Sequin Belt
Eurotard  13744
Liturgical Peplum Top
On Stage  Euro-39813
Bright Colored Praise Dance Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730
Angel Wing Dress
On Stage  OSD-0232
Streamer Vest
Body Wrapper  551
Bell Sleeve Tunic
On Stage  MS-85804
Tunic Overlay
On Stage  MS-74728
Praise Dance Pullover
Angelo Luzio  595
100% Polyester Fringed Cape
Body Wrapper  555
Chiffon Wrist Scarves
On Stage  MS-87809
Adult Metallic Ephod
Eurotard  14743
Liturgical Crepe Ephod
On Stage  MS-80460NG1
Crepe Tunic With Gold Trim
On Stage  MS-80446
Praise Cross Pullover
Angelo Luzio  621
Women's Polyester "Harem" Pants
On Stage  OSB-118
Celebration of Spirit Capes Drapey Pullover
Body Wrapper  568
Tank Pullover
Angelo Luzio  507
Liturgical and Lyrical Circle Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13778
Adult Drop Waist Latin Skirt
Eurotard  13719
Fringed Shawl
Eurotard  13731
Long Sleeves Inspiration Dress
On Stage  OSD-0230
Cross Robe Worship Dancewear
Body Wrapper  513
Blouson Shawl Leotard
Body Wrapper  523
Long Bell Sleeve Tunic
Body Wrapper  BW-500/500XX
Meditation Leotard
On Stage  LL921
Power Mesh Sash With Shimmering Sequin Detail
Body Wrapper  556
Angel Wing Shrug
Body Wrapper  BW 505
Metallic Foil -Angel Wing Collar
On Stage  BT-9129 / EURO 14739
Metallic Overlay Dancer Dress
On Stage  Euro-14124
Printed Liturgical Cape Or Skirt
On Stage  MS-80731
Angelic Top
On Stage  MS-84794
Long Metallic Streamers With Wand
Eurotard  13901 / 13910 Combo
Pullover Top With A Wide Collar ***ONLINE SPECIAL
Body Wrapper  564
Adult and Child Pull On Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13774
Metallic Streamer Skirt / Top
On Stage  Euro-14808
Adult Angel Sleeve Blouse
Eurotard  13730/ BW 532
Chiffon Overlay Dancer Dress
On Stage  Euro-13124
Body Wrapper  535
Grace Ephod
On Stage  MS-74798
Praise Cross Long Dress
Angelo Luzio  620
Liturgical Cape
Body Wrapper  BW 528
Liturgical-Double Circle Skirt
Body Wrapper  502
Praise Dance Pullover
Angelo Luzio  589
Stained Glass Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Tunic
Angelo Luzio  631
Dance Choir Dress
On Stage  OSD-0233
Pull-On Unisex Pant
Angelo Luzio  570
Tri-Color Metallic Panel Skirt
Eurotard  14781
Single Overlay Chiffon Skirt
Body Wrapper  538 / 0538
Angel Wing Collar With Cross Applique
On Stage  Euro-11739
Praise Dance Extra Full & Long Circle Skirt
Angelo Luzio  599
Polyester Double Circle Pant/Skirt
On Stage  OSB-117
Body Wrapper  522
Sash Belt
Body Wrapper  536
Triple Panel Lyrical Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13674
Angel Wing Collars
On Stage  Euro-13739
Glory Dress
On Stage  MS-74796
Two Tone Metallic Drape Collar Blouse
Eurotard  14807
Twisted Cord Belt
On Stage  MS-74451
Matte Finish Ephod
Body Wrapper  BW 548 / Euro 13743
Long Gore Skirt
On Stage  OSS-7351
Liturgical-Pullover Blouse
Body Wrapper  564
Chiffon Scarf / Sash ***ONLINE SPECIAL***
Body Wrapper  B/W-533
Lam'e Sash
Eurotard  14770
Multi Ruffled Dress
On Stage  Euro-13779
Metallic Tulle Handkerchief Skirt / Top
On Stage  Euro-13768
Shawl Collar Leotard
Body Wrapper  BW523
Matte Lycra Palazzo Pant
On Stage  OSB-2401
"Ceremonial" Jumpsuit / Dress
On Stage  0235/ OSD-124A
Long Sleeve MatteFinish Dance Dress
Body Wrapper  554
Mid-calf Length Tunic Pullover
Body Wrapper  537
Celebration of Spirit Drapey Tunics tank pullover
Angelo Luzio  552
Body Wrapper  568
Praise Rhinestones Applique Dress
On Stage  Euro-11024
Polyester Metallic Tulle Tunic
On Stage  Euro-13816
Stained Glass Print Vest
Angelo Luzio  632
Adult Shawl Collar Leotard
Eurotard  13676
Polyester Dress With Cross Applique
Eurotard  11524
Tiered Sequin and Bead Skirt
On Stage  Euro-86916
Long Sleeves Liturgical Dress
Angelo Luzio  BW512
Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Dress
Angelo Luzio  630
"Parables" Jumpsuit / Dress
On Stage  0234/ OSD-124B
Adult Inspiration Shrug
Eurotard  13800
Metallic Angel Sleeve Blouse
On Stage  BT-9122
"V" Cut Satin Ephod
On Stage  Euro-11786
Double Ruffle Skirt
Body Wrapper  504
Drapey Capelet
Angelo Luzio  598
Tabard w/ Cape Sleeves & Flag Gold Inset
On Stage  MS-71531
Baggy Pant
Angelo Luzio  803
Drape Collar Angel Blouse
Eurotard  13807
Unisex Cross Top
On Stage  Euro-14815
Metallic Apron
Body Wrapper  543
Velvet Velour Dance Dress
On Stage  OSD-0484
Praise Dancing Printed Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730P
Long Sleeve Dance Dress
On Stage  BW-558/ Euro-13737
Adult Angel Sleeve Dance Dress
Eurotard  13729
Boatneck Leotard
Body Wrapper  0209
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