Monday, December 22, 2014
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Liturgical / Praise Dancing

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Praise Cross Long Dress
Angelo Luzio  620
Matte Lycra Palazzo Pant
On Stage  OSB-2401
Long Sleeve Dance Dress
On Stage  BW-558/ Euro-13737
Foil Sash
Eurotard  14741
Liturgical-Pullover Blouse
Body Wrapper  564
Liturgical Peplum Top
On Stage  Euro-39813
Metallic Overlay Dancer Dress
On Stage  Euro-14124
On Stage  MS-71664
Velvet Velour Dance Dress
On Stage  OSD-0484
Tri-Color Metallic Panel Skirt
Eurotard  14781
Bright Colored Praise Dance Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730
Print Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730P
Twisted Cord Belt
On Stage  MS-74451
Celebration Dress
On Stage  OSD-0231
Body Wrapper  535
Single Overlay Chiffon Skirt
Body Wrapper  538 / 0538
Polyester Double Circle Pant/Skirt
On Stage  LP950 / OSB-117
Double Handkerchief Skirt
Eurotard  39769
Sash - Adult
Eurotard  13733
Full Cut Metallic Panel Skirt
On Stage  BT-9127
Metallic Tunic Pullover
Body Wrapper  577
Adult Drop Waist Latin Skirt
Eurotard  13719
Long Metallic Streamers With Wand
Eurotard  13901 / 13910 Combo
Stretch Sequin Belt
Eurotard  13744
Unisex Long Sleeve Pullover
Body Wrapper  544
Embroidered Festival Tunic
On Stage  MS-74791
Fringed Shawl
Eurotard  13731
Grace Ephod
On Stage  MS-74798
Double Layer Peplum Top
On Stage  Euro-13813
Praise Robe
Angelo Luzio  575
Matte Lycra Unitard Dance Dress
On Stage  OSU-0203
Tiered Sequin and Bead Skirt
On Stage  Euro-86916
Adult and Child Pull On Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13774
Dance Choir Dress
On Stage  OSD-0233
Long Bell Sleeve Tunic
Body Wrapper  BW-500/500XX
Chiffon Wrist Scarves
On Stage  MS-87809
Long Sleeves Liturgical Dress
Angelo Luzio  BW512
Multi Ruffled Dress
On Stage  Euro-13779
Praise Dance Pullover
Angelo Luzio  589
Praise Dance Extra Full & Long Circle Skirt
Angelo Luzio  599
Printed Liturgical Cape Or Skirt
On Stage  MS-80731
Angel Wing Dress
On Stage  OSD-0232
Women's Polyester "Harem" Pants
On Stage  OSB-118
Metallic Angel Sleeve Blouse
On Stage  BT-9122
Bell Sleeve Tunic
On Stage  MS-85804
Embroidered Hallelujah Ephod
On Stage  MS-74789
Metallic Apron
Body Wrapper  543
Tabard w/ Cape Sleeves & Flag Gold Inset
On Stage  MS-71531
Power Mesh Sash With Shimmering Sequin Detail
Body Wrapper  556
Angel Wing Collars
On Stage  Euro-13739
Multi-Wrap Reversible Skirt
Body Wrapper  561
Praise Rhinestones Applique Dress
On Stage  Euro-11024
Long Gore Skirt
On Stage  OSS-7351
Angelic Top
On Stage  MS-84794
Adult Asymmetrical Top
Eurotard  Euro-13826
Tank Pullover
Angelo Luzio  507
Angel Wing Shrug
Body Wrapper  BW 505
Tunic Overlay
On Stage  MS-74728
Praise Dance Pullover
Angelo Luzio  595
Dance Dress
Body Wrapper  512
Sash Belt
Body Wrapper  536
Lam'e Sash
Eurotard  14770
Adult Inspiration Shrug
Eurotard  13800
Cross Robe Worship Dancewear
Angelo Luzio  513
Meditation Leotard
On Stage  OSL-923
Crepe Tunic With Gold Trim
On Stage  MS-80446
Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Dress
Angelo Luzio  592
Shrug Sleeve Overlay
On Stage  MS-79360
Drape Collar Angel Blouse
Eurotard  13807
Bell Sleeve Dress
On Stage  Euro-13814
Praise Robe
Body Wrapper  575
Multi Panels Long Skirt
On Stage  OS-SKIRT#2A
Baggy Pant
Angelo Luzio  803
Liturgical Cape
Body Wrapper  BW 528
Long Sleeves Inspiration Dress
On Stage  OSD-0230
"Parables" Jumpsuit / Dress
On Stage  0234/ OSD-124B
Unisex Pullover with Extra Long Sleeves
Body Wrapper  540 / 0540
Adult Peplum Tunic
Eurotard  Euro-14824
Body Wrapper  568
Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Dress
Angelo Luzio  630
Metallic Streamer Skirt / Top
On Stage  Euro-14808
100% Polyester Fringed Cape
Body Wrapper  555
Full Pullover Vest
Angelo Luzio  587
Cross Robe Worship Dancewear
Body Wrapper  513
Foil Sequin Sash
On Stage  MS-74795
Liturgical and Lyrical Circle Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13778
Glory Dress
On Stage  MS-74796
Rhinestone Cross Applique Dress
On Stage  Euro-11022
Stained Glass Asymmetrical Bell Sleeve Tunic
Angelo Luzio  631
Streamer Vest
Body Wrapper  551
Child -Angel Blouse
Eurotard  13730C
Matte Lycra Palazzo Pant Sheer Glistenette Skirt
On Stage  OSB-2402
Adult Two Toned Gored Skirt
Eurotard  13689
Unisex Cross Top
On Stage  Euro-14815
Praise Dance Loose Fit Long Sleeve Dance Dress
Angelo Luzio  588
Adult Princess Seam Handkerchief Dress
On Stage  Euro-13805
Meditation Leotard
On Stage  LL921
Adult Shawl Collar Blouse
Eurotard  13736
Celebration of Spirit Capes Drapey Pullover
Body Wrapper  568
Liturgical-Double Circle Skirt
Body Wrapper  502
Mid-calf Length Tunic Pullover
Body Wrapper  537
Adult Angel Sleeve Dance Dress
Eurotard  13729
Metallic Foil -Angel Wing Collar
On Stage  BT-9129 / EURO 14739
Liturgical Crepe Ephod
On Stage  MS-80460NG1
Blouson Shawl Leotard
Body Wrapper  523
Pull-On Unisex Pant
Angelo Luzio  570
Reflections Leotard
On Stage  OSL-901
Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
Angelo Luzio  569
Angel Wing Collar With Cross Applique
On Stage  Euro-11739
Double Ruffle Skirt
Eurotard  Euro-08803
Celebration of Spirit Drapey Tunics tank pullover
Angelo Luzio  552
Long Sleeve MatteFinish Dance Dress
Body Wrapper  554
Two Tone Metallic Drape Collar Blouse
Eurotard  14807
Polyester Dress With Cross Applique
Eurotard  11524
Shine Overdress
On Stage  MS-6532
Adult And Child Palazzo Pants
On Stage  Euro-13696
Polyester Metallic Tulle Tunic
On Stage  Euro-13816
Adult Metallic Ephod
Eurotard  14743
Long Skirt Multi-Colored
Body Wrapper  547
Adult Shawl Collar Leotard
Eurotard  13676
Boy's And Men Praise Pants
Body Wrapper  541 / 0541
Liturgical Ephod
Eurotard  15743
Chiffon Overlay Dancer Dress
On Stage  Euro-13124
Single Layer Handkerchief Skirt
Eurotard  E-39768
Multi Color Streamer Skirt
On Stage  Euro-39808
Metallic Tulle Handkerchief Skirt / Top
On Stage  Euro-13768
Child Long Sleeve Unitard
Eurotard  10529
Double Layer 100% Chiffon Uneven Hem Skirt
Body Wrapper  539
Stained Glass Print Vest
Angelo Luzio  632
Metallic Long Panel Skirt
Body Wrapper  576
Body Wrapper  522
"Ceremonial" Jumpsuit / Dress
On Stage  0235/ OSD-124A
Bell Sleeve Dress
On Stage  MS-71808
Liturgical Circle Skirt
Body Wrapper  501
Unisex Polyester Pants
Eurotard  Euro-13843
Matte Finish Ephod
Body Wrapper  BW 548 / Euro 13743
Boatneck Leotard
Body Wrapper  0209
Polyester Double Circle Pant/Skirt
On Stage  OSB-117
Shawl Collar Leotard
Body Wrapper  BW523
Pullover Top With A Wide Collar ***ONLINE SPECIAL
Body Wrapper  564
Matte Finish Angel Sleeve Pullover
Body Wrapper  542
Triple Panel Lyrical Skirt
On Stage  Euro-13674
Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Body Wrapper  565
Double Ruffle Skirt
Body Wrapper  504
Praise Dancing Printed Ephod
On Stage  MS-71730P
"V" Cut Satin Ephod
On Stage  Euro-11786
Chiffon Scarf / Sash ***ONLINE SPECIAL***
Body Wrapper  B/W-533
Full Circle Chiffon Skirt
Body Wrapper  BW-538
Praise Cross Pullover
Angelo Luzio  621
Child Angel Sleeve Dance Dress
Eurotard  13729C
Knit Blouse
On Stage  MS-80448
Adult Dance Dress
Eurotard  13524
Sheer Flutter Sleeve Tunic Overlay
On Stage  MS-74729
Unisex Polyester Open Collar Peasant Style Top
Eurotard  Euro-13831
Adult Angel Sleeve Blouse
Eurotard  13730/ BW 532
Drapey Capelet
Angelo Luzio  598
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