JKO ABT Uniform 2018-2019


JKO Uniform - Capezio

ABT JKO's Uniform for the 2018-2019 school year. Simply select your level on the special feature and pick the size. Does not include tights, ballet shoes, or men's uniform.

Special features

Pre-Primary (CC877C) (Add $27.00)
Primary A (CC877C) (Add $27.00)
Primary B (CC877C) (Add $27.00)
Primary C (CC877C) (Add $27.00)
Level 1A (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Level 1B (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Bridge Class (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Level 2A (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Level 2B (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Level 3A Child Size (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Level 3B Child Size (CC202C) (Add $21.00)
Upper 1 Child Size (CC101C) (Add $21.00)
Upper 2 Adult Size (CC101) (Add $24.00)
Level 3A Adult Size (CC202) (Add $24.00)
Level 3B Adult Size (CC202) (Add $24.00)
Upper 1 Adult Size (CC101) (Add $24.00)
Upper 2 Child Size (CC101C) (Add $21.00)